§ 55.03 – Should I keep a copy of the used template that contains my sample data and my chosen template sampling plan?

(a)    Yes, you should keep a copy of the used template that contains your sample data and the final sampling plans, including the sampling plan you have chosen.  It is useful later for several purposes.

(b)   You may need it for NTD requirements on record keeping.

(c)    You may also need it for the following purposes:

(1)   Get information about the sample data for determining whether you need to revise your template sampling plan.  Refer to Subsection 56 for guidance on that.

(2)   Remind you what you have entered into the template on whether you will have reliable 100% count of UPT by service group if your template sampling plan is based on the APTL option with service grouping.  Refer to Subsection 83 for guidance on estimation under the APTL option.