§ 63.07 – What is the list of all service units that I expect to operate?


(a)    It is the amount of revenue service that you expect to operate. 

(b)   It is measured with the following characteristics:

(1)   It is in the unit of sampling and measurement of the sampling plan you have chosen.

(2)   It is for the duration corresponding to the sampling frequency that you have chosen for your sampling plan.  The duration would be a day for interval-based sampling but a week, a month, or a quarter for period-based sampling.

(3)   It is for each of the service groups you have defined if your sampling plan is based on service grouping.

(c)    For scheduled services, the list must include:

(1)   all service units that are listed on the schedule, and

(2)   all service units that are not on the schedule but are expected to be operated, such as trippers, shuttles, and other special operations.

(d)   It would be the number of one-way bus trips you expect to operate in a week by your MB express routes, for example, if:

(1)   your sampling plan is in terms of one-way bus trips,

(2)   you have chosen weekly sampling for your MB service,

(3)   your sampling plan involves service grouping, and

(4)   you use express routes as one of the groups.