§ 65.17 – What instrument should I use to collect data for the load-based approach?

(a)    You may use any instrument that you have designed as long as you can record the required data items correctly.

(b)   If you use APCs, the instrument would be computer software and hardware that records the counts and other data items transmitted from the APCs.

(c)    If you use human ride checkers, the instrument may be a piece of paper and a pencil or it may be a hand-held device.

(d)   If you use a hand-held device, it is critical that the unit accepts counts of boardings and alightings that may not be equal for a one-way vehicle trip.

(e)    The instrument you design may take slightly different formats for different services.  Three examples of blank and filled-out instruments are shown as appendices:

(1)   demand response – Appendix 93.

(2)   commuter vanpool – Appendix 94.

(3)   fixed-route services – Appendix 95.

(f)    If you are going to use one of these example instruments, you should study it carefully before reading the following guidance.