§ 65.19 – What pre-survey procedures should I follow if I use a paper instrument and human ride checkers?

(a)    You should use an appropriate survey sheet for each service unit selected in the sample.  This survey sheet may be one of those from the appendices or one that you have designed, but it is important that you select a survey sheet that is designed for the service to be surveyed.

(b)   For non-scheduled services, including demand response (DR and DT) and vanpool (VP), a survey sheet should be used for each driver of the survey vehicle during an entire day.

(c)    For scheduled services, a survey sheet should be used for each one-way vehicle trip of your service unit that you have chosen for your sampling plan.

(d)   The ride checker(s) should carry several extra survey sheets in the event that extra sheets are needed.

(e)    You should learn about the likely load and boarding volumes for each service unit to be surveyed. 

(1)   You may need to use more than one ride checker under conditions of high loads and high boarding volumes. 

(2)   If more than one ride checker is used, the separate survey sheets should also be labeled with the door(s) that each ride checker is responsible for.

(f)    If you rely on the onboard odometer to determine the between-stop distances, make sure that it works properly.  If you cannot fix a malfunctioning odometer in time for a ride check, use a different vehicle with a working odometer. 

(g)   Before going into the field, the survey supervisor should fill in the data items that identify the service unit to be surveyed.  If your service unit has more than one one-way vehicle trip, identify each one-way vehicle trip separately.

(h)   If you rely on predetermined between-stop distances, the survey supervisor should also use the survey sheet(s) in Appendix 95 to:

(1)   Fill in the stop numbers in column (7) and stop descriptions in column (8) for all stops.

(2)   Cross out column (9) to avoid confusion in the field.

(i)     You should write the page numbers in the box in the lower right-hand corner of each survey sheet if you use more than one survey sheet for a given one-way vehicle trip.