§ 67.01 – What steps should I take after I have collected the sample data?

(a)    Design a format for recording your sample data.

(b)   Enter the raw data.

(c)    Process the entered data.

(d)   Identify errors in the entered data.

(e)    Identify sources of the data errors, if any.

(f)    Correct the data errors, if any.

(g)   What you should do within each step depends on your situation.  To be specific, the following example is used for the rest of this subsection:

(1)   you collect sample data with human ride checkers from one-way bus trips with designated stops,

(2)   you use the load-based approach to determining PMT,

(3)   you use predetermined between-stop distances, and

(4)   you have collected sample data from a route whose longest one-way trip is 4 miles.