§ 67.09 – How may I use the processed data to identify potential errors in the sample data?

(a)    Make sure that UPT and PMT are consistent for each service unit in the sample.  For example, they should both be zero or both be positive. 

(b)   Compare vehicle trip length with the longest actual length of the route.  Vehicle trip length must not exceed the longest route length.

(c)    Compare APTL with vehicle trip length and route length.  APTL must not exceed either.

(d)   Compare the total number of passengers boarded with the total number of passengers alighted.  They must be equal.

(e)    Examine the calculated load at the end point of the trip.  It must be zero for leaving loads.

(f)    If calculated, examine the PMT to PPMT ratio for each service unit.  It must not exceed 1.