§ 71.09 – How is the guidance organized?

(a)    The guidance is separate in three subsections for three modal groups to reduce confusion over the different units of sampling and measurement that are typically used for these three modal groups:

(1)   Non-scheduled services, including demand response (DR and DT), vanpool (VP), jitney (JT), or público (PB) (Subsection 73).

(2)   Rail services, including heavy rail (HR), commuter rail (CR), light rail (LR), monorail and automated guideway (MG) (Subsection 75).

(3)   Bus services, including bus (MB), commuter bus (CB), bus rapid transit (RB), or trolley bus (TB) (Subsection 77).

(b)   Subsection 79 contains the guidance on combining expansion factors and sample averages to get estimates of service-consumed data.