§ 75.07 – How should I determine annual services actually provided as expansion factors?

(a)    You should measure annual services actually provided in the unit of sampling and measurement you have chosen for your sampling plan.

(b)   For estimating annual totals of service-consumed data, you should follow these steps:

(1)   Start with your schedule.

(2)   When the schedule is changed by policy or by emergency conditions, the count from the schedule must be adjusted accordingly.

(3)   You must also include added services such as trippers and other special operations.

(4)   If your sampling plan is based on service grouping, you must also count annual services actually provided for each group.

(c)    For estimating service-consumed data by type of service days, you should also start your schedule, and exclude scheduled services on atypical days.

(d)   For estimating annual total UPT for commuter rail (CR), heavy rail (HR), or light rail (LR) by weekday time period, you should start with your weekday schedule, and exclude scheduled services on atypical weekdays.

(e)    Refer to the NTD Reporting Manual on determining what are considered atypical days.