§ 10.01 – What is the purpose of this Sampling Manual?

(a)    It suggests procedures for obtaining annual data on unlinked passenger trips (UPT) and passenger miles traveled (PMT) for the National Transit Database (NTD) through random sampling according to the requirements in the NTD Reporting Manual.

(b)   In the event of a conflict between the requirements in the Reporting Manual and this Sampling Manual, the requirements of the Reporting Manual are definitive.

(c)    When it is possible to obtain annual UPT and PMT data according to the requirements in the Reporting Manual by using other methods not specified in this Sampling Manual, then you may do so.

§ 10.03 – What procedures does this Sampling Manual cover?

(a)    Development of sampling plans with two options:

(1)   Section 40 on ready-to-use sampling plans.

(2)   Section 50 on agency-developed template sampling plans with agency sample data.

(b)   Collection of sample data in Section 60.

(c)    Estimation of annual service-consumed data with two options:

(1)   Both UPT and PMT if you do not report 100% counts of UPT.

(2)   PMT if you report 100% counts of UPT.

(d)   Section 30 specifies several requirements for alternative sampling plans that template sampling plans must also meet. 

(e)    Figure 10.01 shows how these procedures and options relate to each other.

 Figure 10.01. Flow Chart of Procedures and Options

Flow Chart