§ 61.01 – What are the basic elements of collecting sample data?

(a)    Selecting a sample at random according to your sampling plan (Subsection 63).

(b)   Collecting data from the random sample (Subsection 65).

(c)    Identifying and correcting any errors in the sample data (Subsection 67).

§ 61.03 – What criteria does this section cover to ensure that estimates of annual service-consumed data meet FTA’s 95% confidence and 10% precision levels?

(a)    Your sampling process covers your entire service.

(b)   You select your sample at random according to your chosen ready-to-use sampling plan or your template sampling plan. 

(c)    Your data-collection process is designed to avoid errors from happening.

(d)   Your data-collection is designed to identify and correct errors when they occur.